list update

here’s my collections list broken into their individual areas

Fat/thin packs

3×3 eyes r1

A.D. Police r4

Aeon flux r4

banner of the stars r1

Banner of the stars II r1

Big O r4

Big O II r4

Bubblegum crisis 2032 r4

Crest of the stars r4

Dragonball z series r41

Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex r4

Gravitation r4

Hellsing r4

Jubei chan r4

Jubei chan 2 r4

Kaleido star r4

Kaleido star: new wings r4

Neon genesis evangelion r4

Patlabor 1&2 r4

Pilot candidate of goddess r1

Princess tutu r4

Ranma 1/2 series 1-7 r4

Samurai ova collection r4

Street fighter: code of honor r1

Street fighter: soul powers r1

Transformers: the
complete collection part 1 r4

Transformers: the complete collection
part 2 r4

Transformers: movie collection r4

Transformers: head masters
Trigun r4

Ulysses 31 r4

fighter: round 1 r1

Virtua fighter: round 2 r1

X (tv) r4


Adventures of tintin r4

Battle of the planets vol 1 r4

Battle of the planets vol 2 r4

Irresponcible captain tylor tv r4

Irresponcible captain tylor ova r4

Star blazers series 1-3 r4

Street fighter II V r1


baki the grapler boxset 1 r4

baki the grapler boxset 2 r4

berserk r4

captain herlock the space pirate r4

chobits r4

comic party r4

cromartie high r4

defender of the earth r4

d-n angel r4

galaxy angel r4

galaxy angel z r4

galaxy angel a r4

giant robo r1

gravion r4

gravion zwei r4

gundam seed r4

gundam wing r4

guyver r1

here & now, now & then r4

iria r4

kimba the white lion r4

knight hunters eternal r1

kyo kara maoh! r4

last exile r4

legend of the dragon kings r1

macross complete collection r4

mezzo dsa r4

ninja scroll (tv) r4

noir r4

orphen revenge r4

peace maker r4

please teacher r4

please twins r4

project a-ko r4

rahxephon r4

real bout highschool r4

robotech remastered collection r4

shoot fighter tekken r1

star ocean ex r1

stellvia foundations r4

twelve kingdoms r4

vandread 1st stage r4

vandread 2nd stage r4

zone of enders r1

note: r4 & r1 – denotes the region a series is in…

it will take a while to compile a list of singles list in an 0-9 & a-z format

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